Organization of conferences and events during Covid 19

Zanzibar Curacao recently organized its first event of the year for a company dedicated to boiler repair in Glasgow. It was a lovely intimate gathering that respects hygiene and prevention rules for a group of workers who have worked tirelessly to ensure that families living in the city of Glasgow are heated and can remain safely in their homes during the inclement weather that normally occurs during winter in Scotland.

Today we want to talk with you about these hygiene rules, among which the following measures stand out: hand hygiene is the main measure of prevention and control of infection; respiratory etiquette: covering your nose and mouth with a tissue when coughing and sneezing and disposing of in a trash can with a lid and pedal.

If handkerchiefs are not available, use the inside of the elbow to avoid contaminating the hands; avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth; and practicing good respiratory hygiene habits; maintain social distancing of two meters. Risk workers will be considered: pregnant or pregnant and lactating women.

General prevention measures

On the measures that are being worked on, they depend on the positions and internal categories, and these depend on the worker’s situation:

From home to work. It is recommended to put the thermometer before leaving the house. If you have a fever or symptoms such as cough and/or difficulty breathing, stay home, notify the company and call the public health service. For the transfer choose these options from more to less to recommend: walk, maintaining a minimum distance of two meters with people, and trying to touch the minimum possible surfaces, avoiding touching your face.

Entry into the workplace. It is recommended to control the access of personnel, both internal and external with any of these options: detection with rapid antibody tests by taking the temperature, and avoid, as far as possible, the accumulation of personnel at the entrance of the work center through staggered access (eg entry every 5 min.).

Exit from the workplace. In our case from the different locations where they provide support services: it is recommended to use the hydroalcoholic gel at the exit to disinfect hands before leaving the workplace and before using control systems access, avoid, as far as possible, the accumulation of personnel at the exit of the work center through staggered access, and attend to the following recommendations.

How is it affecting the events sector?

Although there is a de-escalation plan, ours will be the sector that later returns to normality. It is difficult to foresee when it will be possible to re-celebrate major events and congresses, fairs, mass concerts, or sporting events, but it is also difficult to know under what conditions. From Zanzibar Curacao, we have created a division focused on the disinfection of spaces and another that will be dedicated to making specialized material available to event organizers to be able to celebrate an event under current conditions (sanitizing booths for tickets with detection of body temperature and disinfection, mobile hand sterilization systems, material and furniture disinfection systems, face shields, masks, etc.).

We want to thank North Glasgow Boiler Repair for trusting us for their little (under the circumstances) but extremely important, which has been marked as a success for everyone involved.